Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Slideshow from Class

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Logic to Fight Fear of Internet in the Classroom

the #1 question we should always ask is:

What's the point of school? Of Education?

If you are like me, then the base/end-all/core/main answer to that is:

To produce productive citizens to further our society.
              Isn't that the end goal? Should we discuss that further? I mean, really the point of teaching all these basic subjects, and even the social environmental construct of the school system, is to produce citizens that can function in society as healthy, knowledgeable individuals.

So.... What does that mean?
               I think that means we have to look at how society functions and how the work place functions. It shows us where our students will be in 20 years.

So.... What is society and the work place doing to function now?
              Sorry, but you have to look at the prevalence of social media and recognize its immediate importance.
Is social media a fad? Can we ignore it, or BLOCK it, or FORBID it, and make it go away?
              No. Sorry again. It has proven to grow business over night and it continues to gain importance in the marketplace. As consumers and children grow more comfortable with it, they will take their habits to the work place. It will NOT replace one-to-one communication, but it will enrich it... and "un-enriched" communication will become the equivalent of body language. It's there, it's viable, but it just won't get you heard. So our society will only continue forward with this.

There is such a thing as evolution, it's how capitalism works. Do you want your students and children to be the equivalent of the dodo bird when they enter into the workforce? Or even college?

Is the workforce using it? Are the best using it? Is the best imitated and then replicated until their method is no longer cutting edge but is common place?
Are colleges using it? Are colleges teaching it? Will this lead to more usage in the work environment?

Are your students on the right track to succeeding in society?