Friday, January 22, 2010

15 Seeds to Grow Your Social Media Classroom

Cheesy title, I know, but this is a little checklist I've been working on for training instructors and other education professionals who are balancing the need to market their program and themselves, while providing an effective learning environment through social media. It's a work in progress - so I'll open the comments section to feedback/must changes/"that one is lame".

1.   Provide your IDEAS! - be the critical thinker
2.      Provide your commentary on current stuff as a subject matter expert - model critical thinking
3.      Provide current events in your industry / subject - don't be afraid to repost or retweet
4.      Provide interesting links for industry professionals -- when you come across them - post them
5.      Connect people who need with people or links that provide.
6.      Comment on others' postings
7.      Create “games” / provide “buy-in” to play
8.      Engage in discussions
9.      Drive users to through your "focus" (meaning where they should end up - group page, blog, website, etc)
10. Adapt old assignments to new environments (don't make them hand-write an essay - make them tag you in a note)
11.  Understand what your audience is on Facebook / Twitter for – then tailor to them *hint-they aren't on for you*
12.  Model effective ways to market ONE’S SELF - they need to know they are creating a personal brand.
13.  Provide incentives (bonus points, free stuff, longer break time, assignment do-overs, etc)
14.  Link followers and friends to subject matter experts or others they should model.
15.  Know your audience and your intent when posting
Also, I ran across some interesting websites that are also helpful:
       For useful applications to run in facebook that you could require your students to run in order to better collaborate:
For another list with some very interesting ideas on WHY you should be using Facebook in your classroom:

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