Friday, March 26, 2010

Using Blogger in Education - Another Stream of Consciousness Email

Just to let everyone know...

We are talking about blogging and Blogger at my Fear Factor trainings.

We will set up a blog together. Talk about what you would like to use it for (maybe as a family journal - maybe as a way to vent)

(maybe as a way to keep a professional journal so others can see what your critical eye is all about)

(maybe so you can model for your students what a critical eye is and encourage them to start building an online brand for themselves)

We’re also going to talk about your audience and how or why you will bring them in – or even if you really care to. "Audience" is something that can shape how you write. It can create an awareness for your students, too, that gives them the "Ah-ha moment" for HOW to write (my academic papers went from stretching to get five paragraphs to editing down to 5 pages in a single paper after a "writing for an audience ah-ha moment" happened - which shaped the rest of my career).

You know, if an employer Googles an applicant's name, and the applicant has used their name for a public blog... guess what's going to be a top hit? What would an employer love to read from an applicant? Their thought process maybe... their attitude about their work environment maybe... ?

Maybe you'd like to use it as an asynchronous communication tool. Write about the next day's goals in class, and make it a part of the daily routine for students to read the blog the next day, first thing(even when they come in at 15 minute intervals). Now you don't have to wait until an hour in, and you don't have to repeat. Plus you provide the experience.

Or just maybe you want the student to get some real world writing experience

- that's right, I said real world writing experience -

Want me to explain more? Well get started NOW. By the end of 2010 this ol' bloggin' deal might take off...

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